I’m an Italian visual artist based in Berlin.

Largely self-taught in traditional and digital art, I’m constantly looking for new mediums and techniques to develop my creative process. 

In this respect, my current production includes a series of mixed media artworks, revealing a preference for metal as a suitable surface to work on. In particular, I focus on the interaction between painting, engraving, digital art and photography.

I have always considered art to be a safe place to confront the unknown; however, in recent years I felt the urgency to explore my artistic vocation from a wider perspective. 

After integrating into my life a path of personal growth, I approach art as a space where archetypal motifs clear the way of pursuing an authentic journey.

The feminine figure rises from darkness revealing itself along with the exploration of spiritual themes.
Everything flows within the metaphysical symbolism and naturalistic surrealism of the finished work, mysterious enough for viewers to draw upon their own ideas and interpretations.

Solo exhibitions:
2012 AI CONFINI DEL SOGNO |Art.Lab Arte Contemporanea, Grosseto
2010 LIQUIDE ALTERAZIONI | curated by Terra dell’Arte, Belforte del Chienti (MC)


Group exhibitions:

2019 Lost in Kittentown | Afnakafna | Rome | ITALY
2019 Artspring Berlin Festivals | Zeiss-Großplanetarium | Berlin | GERMANY
2019 “Mediterraneo. Oltre i muri nella mente” | CIPMO e Sotheby’s | Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia | Milano | ITALY
2018 "MASKS" | Thumbprint gallery | La Jolla | CA

2018 Hive 13 Year Anniversary show | Los Angeles | CA

2018 “VENUS” | La Bodega Gallery | San Diego | CA 

2017 Postcard Correspondence show | Gallery1988 | Los Angeles, CA

2017 Onart Gallery | Naturalis Historia | Florence | ITALY

2017 Penumbra Gallery | “Potions, Spells & Magic” | Loures | PORTUGAL

2017 Nightmares | Strange Dreams Art Collective | Thumbprint Gallery | La Jolla, CA
2016 Get the lead out VII| Swoon Gallery, Los Angeles| CA
2016 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm | Retrospect Galleries | SWEDEN
2016 Tree and Rock Children’s Book show | Gallery1988 | Los Angeles, CA
2016 LITTLE BIG ART SHOW | La Bodega Gallery | San Diego | CA
2016 TRANSHUMAN | Gallery Abyss | Montreal | CANADA
2015 T.I.M.E. | Paratissima11 | Torino | ITALY
2015 Il luogo dove nulla connette | Villa Zoppolato | Mogliano veneto | ITALY
2014 Get the lead out VI | Swoon Gallery, Los Angeles| CA
2014 Secret World | Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn| NY
2014 HUMAN RIGHTS? #MEMENTO | Colle di miravalle, Rovereto (TN) | ITALY
2014 “IncontrArti 2014. Le Proposte del Premio Vasto”, Scuderie di Palazzo Aragona | ITALY
2012 STORYTELLERS | Art.Lab Arte Contemporanea, Grosseto, curated by Lapo Simeoni | ITALY
2012 ALTERAZIONI | a cura di ARTQ, Castello Aldobrandesco, Arcidosso (GR)| ITALY
2012 ADD AND REMOVE 2 | Art.Lab Arte Contemporanea, Grosseto, texts by Sguardo contemporaneo|ITALY


2010 First prize Festival Internazionale di Arte Digitale “Ventipertrenta”

2014 First Prize art contest “Evolution” curated by Impulsesart, Ferrara